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I’m a small town girl from Southern Illinois, who was raised right – on Motown and Rock N Roll. Day and night, in our household a radio was ALWAYS on so it’s no surprise I found myself begging the stations I grew up listening to for a job. Many of my greatest music lessons consisted of piling into the used 1995 Ford Escort, cranking up the radio and listening to my parents belt out Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, The Eagles and well….we could be here all day if I go on. I’m a 90s baby through and through but that doesn’t stop me from gleaming about my turntable, my ever growing record collection and my Pioneer CS-77’s (if ya know, ya know). My passion for music brought me to radio but the power of connecting with and helping people is what has kept me here all along.

Karaoke is king when I’m not on a hot mic representing 93.9 the River. I’m an official cofounder of the “Unofficial 5 O’Clock Beer Club” alongside Jen Taylor and am a firm believer that it’s OKAY to have two lunches. Cheers!

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